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Woven Textile Wristband offer SUVs & Vans

Woven Textile Wristband

CNY 10SUVs & Vans

Woven Textile WristbandWristbands are one or two side printed,full HD colors and soft silk shiny material made.dimensions; 350mm x 15mm width, can customized.material; 100% extra smooth polyester.stan...

Fabric Heat-transfer Wristband offer SUVs & Vans

Fabric Heat-transfer Wristband

CNY 10SUVs & Vans

Fabric Heat-transfer WristbandProduction ScheduleA.Send us your designs or our designers make artwork based on your customized requests.  B.Preproduction samples will be made for your approval after o...

Fabric Printed Wristband offer SUVs & Vans

Fabric Printed Wristband

CNY 10SUVs & Vans

Fabric printed wristbandSerial numbers is available and very can identify everyone individually.and the number cannot fade because we use laser to make.very stronger number!Features:1.Soft ...

Fabric Rfid Wristband offer SUVs & Vans

Fabric Rfid Wristband

CNY 10SUVs & Vans

Fabric rfid wristbandSpecial materials,Website:, Solf & light; Waterproof &Quakeproof; Comfortable to wear.Locking closure makes them in security and Non-transferable. Different...

Fabric Woven Wristband offer SUVs & Vans

Fabric Woven Wristband

CNY 10SUVs & Vans

Fabric woven wristbandThe new,Website:, non-twist Barrel lock works with any of our woven fabric wristbands. It features a one-way sliding lock that uses prongs to pierce the fa...