Galvanized Steel Ridge Cap offer Movers & Packers

Galvanized Steel Ridge Cap

CNY 10Movers & Packers

Product IntroductionGalvanized steel ridge cap is a new kind of galvanized steel tile sheet. It is normally used in constriction in West Africa.Galvanized Steel Ridge Cap Features:The material of galv...

Free Standing Double Membrane Gas Holder offer Other Entertainment

Free Standing Double Membrane Gas Holder

CNY 10Other Entertainment

Free Standing Double Membrane Biogas Holders Brief introduction of free standing double membrane biogas holder  MONDES's Free Standing Double Membrane Biogas Holders are supplied as independent free...

Low Speed Centrifuge offer Motorcycles

Low Speed Centrifuge

CNY 10Motorcycles

Low Speed Centrifuge Technical Parameters Model: SCL-500 Max. RCF: 4980*g Max. SPEED: 5000r/min Max. Capacity: 32*15ml,Website:, 4x 50ml, 4x 100ml, 8x 50ml, 32x 5ml, 48x 7m...

Recycled Open End Mop Yarn offer Health - Beauty Products

Recycled Open End Mop Yarn

CNY 10Health - Beauty Products

Recycled open end mop yarn is made of eco-friendly material,Website:,cotton yarn blended polyester.We have various colors and it have strong enough to make mops.MaterialCotton/Pol...

CNC Machine Enclosure offer Stationery

CNC Machine Enclosure

CNY 10Stationery

DescriptionCNC machine enclosure is used to protect CNC machine. The machine protection cover is with smooth surface,Website:, regular shape and beautiful appearance. It not...

8 Strand 80mm Durable Nylon Rope offer Pet Training & Grooming

8 Strand 80mm Durable Nylon Rope

CNY 10Pet Training & Grooming

Nylon rope is the strongest of all fibers,Website:, and our nylon rope is manufactured using supperior grade. High tenacity fiber. It is also excellent against rot and ...

Bleaching Agent For Rosin Ester offer Festivals

Bleaching Agent For Rosin Ester

CNY 10Festivals

Bleaching agent for rosin ester,Website:, catalyst for rosin ester, antixidant and stabilizer for rosin ester, make rosin ester with lighter color and better heat stability....

2 Pieces Floating Ball Valve offer Security Equipment - Products

2 Pieces Floating Ball Valve

CNY 10Security Equipment - Products

Specification:1/2" ~ 8"(DN15~DN200)ANSI Ratings 150# ~ 600# (PN16~PN100)3 Pieces /2Pieces Body ConstructionRF RTJ BW SW NPT ConnectionsMain Body Material : ASTM A105,Website:, A...

Batter Plastic Crates offer Car Rentals - Taxi Services

Batter Plastic Crates

CNY 10Car Rentals - Taxi Services

batter plastic crates (32nd turnover box)32-1,Website:,32-2,32-3 boxID: 395*265*65Outside diameter: 430*300*8032nd # rotating box can be customized, with common ground and strengt...

Easy Tear Packaging Tape offer Pet Training & Grooming

Easy Tear Packaging Tape

CNY 10Pet Training & Grooming

Description:CAMAT Easy tear packaging tape(Tear- by- hand packaging tape) is using BOPP film backing and coated with water based acrylic glue. Mainly used for carton sealing,Website:http://www.camatap...