Windows offer Business Offers


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High Precision Windows, VIS Windows, IR Windows Hyperion Optics supply a range of custom precision grade windows, elliptical windows to seal optical enclosures especially suited to small power laser a...

Singlet Lenses offer Business Offers

Singlet Lenses

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Singlet lens is a lens consisting of a pure single element, which can be considered as the fundamental element of developing optical systems. Based on optical engineers’ design, multiple singlet lense...

Zinc Selenide Lenses offer Business Offers

Zinc Selenide Lenses

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Zinc Selenide has great transmittance through the band 0.5-22μm, especially at 10.6μm, and is commonly used in thermal imaging and FLIR systems, also its outstanding low absorption coefficient and hig...

Silicon Lenses offer Business Offers

Silicon Lenses

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Hyperion Optics utilize optical grade silicon which is specified with a resistivity of 10-40 Ohm-cm higher than most semiconductor applications. For CZ grade silicon (Czochralski method) has a absorpt...

Chalcogenide Lenses offer Business Offers

Chalcogenide Lenses

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chalcogenide glasses for infrared optics is containing one or more chalcogens (sulfur, selenium and tellurium, but excluding oxygen). Chalcogenide components are becoming popular in various IR applica...

Calcium Fluoride Lenses offer Business Offers

Calcium Fluoride Lenses

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Calcium Fluoride LensesHyperion Optics supplies uncoated 1/2 inch and 1 inch in diameter Calcium Fluoride (CaF2) lenses. Please talk to our technicians for your custom requirement. We are also able to...

Optical Dome offer Business Offers

Optical Dome

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Optical Glass Domes are widely used for commercial applications which require protective boundary between different environments; domes perform as windows, providing protection to electronic sensors o...

KTP Crystal offer Business Offers

KTP Crystal

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ktp crystal properties are mostly used as nonlinear crystals for frequency doubling of solid-state Nd:YAG crystal or Nd:YVO4 crystal laser, as it has large nonlinear optical coefficients, wide angular...

Parabolic Mirrors offer Business Offers

Parabolic Mirrors

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Parabolic reflectors are used to collect energy from a distant source (for example sound waves or incoming star light). Since the principles of reflection are reversible, parabolic reflectors can also...

Asphere Lenses offer Business Offers

Asphere Lenses

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The complex surface profile of an asphere can significantly reduce or even eliminate spherical aberrations comparing to spherical lenses. Hence, asphericals have been increasingly more widely explored...