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Among those core online railway catenary suppliers, Taiyuan Shangshang Cable Sales Co.,Ltd is a voltage supply railway catenary provider and manufacturer, welcome to buy our best contact network of railway, contact line of railroad, railway touching net on the Internet or check the price with our factory and company.

Railway catenary 

Special Twisted techniques 

Tips keep tight at normal state oxygen-free copper 

Good conductivity

Our ( railway catenary )copper stranded wire's features:

1. Adopting Φ8mm high-quality oxygen-free copper bars as raw material.

2. Using equal diameter wheel to pulling and pushing to guarantee low loss of the wire material.

3. Adopting the micrometer slide pulling process, and the outgoing-line block is spinning block, which improves the circle performance of copper wire.

4. The take-up tension can be automatically regulated, and the Annealing voltage follow the line-pulling speed automatically which lead uniform annealing.

5. Good surface finish of wire material, good flexibility and ductility, and the elongation is greater than 35%.

6. Convenience in transportation, easy line-setting process, used for the high speed production of double-zero lacquer covered flat wire.  

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