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Fused silica wafer and substrates offer Tools - Machinery - Industrial

Fused silica wafer and substrates

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Fused Silica Wafers are thin, circular pieces of UV fused silica designed to be used as test substrates to measure the superiority of optical coatings. Fused Silica Wafers have been ultrasonical...

Thin silicon wafers offer Tools - Machinery - Industrial

Thin silicon wafers

USD 1Tools - Machinery - Industrial is a one of the best manufacturing company of thin silicon wafer and thin ceramic substrates, we have been 37 years experienced in this industry and we have professional experts who alw...

BGA Rework | BEST Technology offer Tools - Machinery - Industrial

BGA Rework | BEST Technology

Tools - Machinery - Industrial

BEST offers BGA Rework services at quality standard with the help of their expert technicians. They are highly technical strong and enriched with the skills which are necessary for BGA Rework. In ...

Polyimide substrate offer Tools - Machinery - Industrial

Polyimide substrate

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Polyimide is the preferred substantial for applications requiring a high degree of dimensional constancy after exposure to dangerous temperatures. Polyimide wafers, Polyimide substrate, and precise po...

Precision hole drilling offer Tools - Machinery - Industrial

Precision hole drilling

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If you are watching for a fast and cost-effective method to get small Precision hole drilling in almost any substrate, you have come to the correct company. We have some of the most advanced hole dri...

Optical glass wafers offer Tools - Machinery - Industrial

Optical glass wafers

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Optical glass filters are one of the world’s leading suppliers of optical glass filter and optical glass wafers and substrates made of different materials, here you can find all types of glass materia...

Flat optical components offer Tools - Machinery - Industrial

Flat optical components

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Flat Lapping is a ISO 9001:2008 certified company in the industry, we have been 37 years’ experience and our professional experts providing best flat lapping, flat optical components and polishing ser...

Silicon carbide wafer offer Tools - Machinery - Industrial

Silicon carbide wafer

USD 1Tools - Machinery - Industrial is leading provider of Polished Silicon carbide wafers of any size and thickness for research, product development in laser, sensor, and edge-angle polishing for optolelectric ...

Ceramic substrate for thin films offer Tools - Machinery - Industrial

Ceramic substrate for thin films

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Ceramic substrates have produced alumina substrates and ceramic substrate for over 37 years under severe quality control with carefully selected high cleanliness ceramic materials that ensures stable ...

Pulse Arc Welder is Cost Effective and Easy to Use  offer Tools - Machinery - Industrial

Pulse Arc Welder is Cost Effective and Easy to Use

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Pulse arc welder is a cost effective way of getting the welds you need. In the automotive and medical industry, new welders are paving the way for faster growth. Good arc welders have a simplifie...