SITRANS FUH1010 clamp-on non-intrusive ultrasonic flowmeter

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sipartps2positioner offers a wide range of All Siemens FUS1010 flowmeters are full capacity for all time mounted non-intrusive ultrasonic flowmeters that give every one of the advantages of ultrasonic technolog consolidated with the execution of customary meters.If you require additional information on this item or might want a citation, please contact

The flowmeter is accessible in single, double and discretionary 4 way arrangements.The multi channel offering gives more prominent precision, particularly in applications with constrained straight run or a poor stream profile. There are 3 nooks accessible: divider mounted, divider mounted blast verification and minimal blast confirmation versions.Clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeters use outer transducers that can rapidly and effortlessly be introduced on the outside of the pipe. They can likewise be effectively moved from one employment site to another.There is no compelling reason to cut the pipe or intrude on the stream. Siemens ultrasonic clip on battery fueled compact flowmeters are accessible in two distinct variants:

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- High precision.
- Tolerance of aerated liquids.
- Wide viscosity range.
- High reliability combined with low maintenance.
- High turn down ratio.
- Low cost of installation and ownership.
- Valuable application diagnostics.
- No pressure drop.
- Insensitivity to outside noise

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