WSF619B-LS Draw Heat-setting Winder - 100

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WSF619B-LS Draw Heat-setting Winder

Introduction of WSF619B-LS Draw Heat-setting Winder:

WSF619B-LS Draw Heat-setting Winder is a secondary production in base of WSF618B-LS. This draw winding machine is equipped with double heated rollers for better yarn forming process. The yarn quality is improved.

We have more improvement with this generation of draw winder. Double heated rollers are the most important device which makes this draw winder be different with other draw winding machines before. With double heated rollers on this draw winding machine, you can relieve stress much more easily and the yarn you get will be no loop tendency. You can make the yarn with a specific yarn strength and elongation much more convenient through this draw winding machine.

What’s more, our draw winding machine is a customized winding machine. According to your yarn provided, we can customize the draw winding machine which is suitable for you.

As a winder supplier, we provide best service for our clients. You can have more details about our winding machine for sale by telephone +86-575-86333306 or email

Further Features:

1. Each spindle of this draw winder has electronic length measuring system

2. Each spindle has Lost end detection

3. This draw winding machine is equipped with constant temperature closed-loop control system and constant speed winding closed-loop control system

4. This draw winding machine has single spindle drive and independent control

5. System for central machine control

6. Every spindle has cross double roller drawing and heat-setting device


Spindle Gauge: 450 mm

Number of Spindle: 4 spindle one machine

Traverse Length: 150~210 mm infinitely variable

Forming Shape: Cylindrical

Package Diameter: Up to 220 mm

Package Weight: Up to 2 kg

Temperature Range : Room temperature to 300℃

Line Speed: Up to 500 m/min

Installed Power: 2.1 kw/spindle (double rollers heated)

Size of Machine: Length 2.27 m × Width 0.92 m × Height 1.37 m

Option: Oiling device

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