Totally Bridge - Best Bridge Game Period.

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Totally Bridge is based on the best-selling computer bridge game Bridge

Baron with Totally Bridge you will get Bridge Lessons, ACBL Tournaments

and more!

Bridge Functionalities,

Over 2 billion deals
Tournaments from ACBL, Cavendish and ABF

Duplicate Bridge
Contract/Rubber bridge
Save game on exit; load last game or start a new one
Play deals with all cards face up
Vocal Bidding hints with explanation when playing by yourself or Playing with others
Vocal Play hints at any time
Choose static or rotating dealer
Choose who gets the best hand
Choose what kind of deal you want to play: Slam , Game , No Trump or Part Score Deal

iBB Subscription new features:

- Online tables stays when the host goes
- Uses the latest Bridge Baron engine
- Force a call or play
- Create your own deals and save them
- Block particular players from joining your table
- Vocal hints
- Extra French, German and Spanish card sets
- Improved buddy management
- Includes Bridge Baron Teacher (Lessons via In-App purchases iPAD ONLY)
- Access to all 70+ tournaments with $15/year subscription.
- Improved online play stability over bad networks

Included bidding systems:

- Standard American 5-card Majors
- Standard American Yellow Card
- Precision
- Two-Over-One,
- Acol
- La Majeure Cinquieme
- Forum D

system has Basic, Intermediate and Advanced options, controlling the

number of bidding conventions played. Each flavor can be further

customized to match your knowledge and skill, you can choose from ~100

bidding conventions.

Adjust your signaling arrangements. Bridge

Baron have 3 generic signaling arrangements, each can be customized and

used for North/ South or East / West partnerships.

To customize a convention card or signaling arrangement, just click the INFO 'i' button next to it's name.

The 'i' button is very good friend, it explains screens, conventions and signals.

The computer also plays and hints at three levels : Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced

Bidding interpretation, take back and claiming at any time.

Full review of how you and Bridge Baron played hands in Duplicate mode.

You can play with your friends and foes, even if they are on the other side of planet Earth.

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