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LED Demister Mirror offer Everything Else

LED Demister Mirror

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Led Demister Mirror Principle & Function With the improvement of living standard, more and more people have much more request to a bathroom mirror. One of the biggest requests to bathroom mirror is an...

LED Bluetooth Mirror offer Everything Else

LED Bluetooth Mirror

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Led Bluetooth MirrorHave you imaged that in a beautiful morning, listen to your favorite song or radio in the front of your stylish mirror? With spremium’s Led Bluetooth Mirror, we can make your dream...

Infinity Mirror offer Everything Else

Infinity Mirror

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The function of infinity mirrorsSince the invention of modern mirror technologies, a large effort was spent into inventing not only new build materials that could enable mirrored surfaces to be placed...

Illuminated Mirror offer Everything Else

Illuminated Mirror

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Illuminated mirrors advantagesIlluminated led mirrors are getting more and more popular at last 10 years, because of its energy saving and intelligent application in our life. Different to traditional...

Illuminate your bathroom with our simple and contemporary offer Everything Else

Illuminate your bathroom with our simple and contemporary

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S-2610 Bathroom Led Circle Mirror with Bluetooth and DemisterThis is our brand new Bluetooth and Anti-fog Mirror and offers absolute wonderful experience. This stylish wall mounted LED mirror is equip...

XJY-8205-I Trimethylsiloxysilicate And Isododecane offer Everything Else

XJY-8205-I Trimethylsiloxysilicate And Isododecane

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PRODUCT FEATURES of XJY-8205-I Trimethylsiloxysilicate And IsododecaneXJY-8205 / 8203 is a series of solid silicone resin powder, these silicone resin have been especially developed to provide film fo...

Light Calcium Carbonate  offer Everything Else

Light Calcium Carbonate

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Light Calcium Carbonate also named precipitated calcium carbonate. The manufactured process of light calcium carbonate is achieved by chemical synthesis. Because its settlement volume (2.4-2.8mL/g)...

High Alumina Cement  offer Everything Else

High Alumina Cement

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Description of high alumina cement High Alumina Cement (HAC, sometimes known as calcium aluminate cement (CAC) or aluminous cement) is composed of calcium aluminates, unlike Portland cement whic...

High Alumina Bricks  offer Everything Else

High Alumina Bricks

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Main introduction of the High alumina bricks High alumina bricks refer to fire brick containing Al2O3 more than 48%, which is made of high grade bauxite through high temperature calcinations. ...

Fused Calcium Aluminate Slag  offer Everything Else

Fused Calcium Aluminate Slag

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Introduction of Fused Calcium Aluminate Slag Fused Calcium Aluminate slag for Metallurgy is a kind of auxiliary material for steelmaking as it speeds up secondary metallurgy process, especiall...