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Having Mold
in your home not only can look horrid, but it also airs serious health
concerns. To effectively remove mold and prevent its return, you need to hire a
Mold Remediation Professional. Most people assume that mold is
just an aesthetic issue. It certainly does look bad and takes the good looks
out of your furnishings and walls. There is a more urgent need for awareness
than just the aesthetics of your home or business. Mold has
very real health concerns. If you think you have mold you should call
us immediately! Mold is one of the leading causes of
respiratory ailments. Sneezing and coughing
to asthma attacks have been linked to molds found in homes and businesses. This
is even more serious for children and the elderly. There are numerous types of mold.
One of the most dangerous is black mold. This
mold discharges toxins that are known to be responsible and linked to severe
respiratory infections and sometimes even cancer.If you see visible mold on any
porous materials like drywall, wood or personal possessions it is extremely
likely that you need the professional mold remediation services of ServiceMaster
by Lovejoy. Mold

is not for the local handyman. If steps are missed, your house or company may
be left with lingering issues or worse yet, the entire problem returns. Call
us now for Immediate Assistance.
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