Electronic Eyelet Buttonhole Sewing Machine offer Stationery

Electronic Eyelet Buttonhole Sewing Machine

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Electronic Eyelet Buttonhole Sewing Machine,Website:,Industrial Buttonhole Sewing Machine...

R25 Drill Bits For Drifting offer Stationery

R25 Drill Bits For Drifting

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R25 Drill Bits for Drifting With the top quality of alloy steels and the best carbides,Website:, GMD produces all Top Hammer Drilling Tools b y hot press technology and multiple...

CNC Machine Enclosure offer Stationery

CNC Machine Enclosure

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DescriptionCNC machine enclosure is used to protect CNC machine. The machine protection cover is with smooth surface,Website:, regular shape and beautiful appearance. It not...

Electric Winch offer Stationery

Electric Winch

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Electric Winch,Website:,Hoist And Trolley...

Computer Controlled Pleating Machine offer Stationery

Computer Controlled Pleating Machine

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Computer controlled pleating machine 1. Computer controlled pleating machine profile Computer controlled pleating machine,Website:, as its name implies, the pleating mach...

Home Beer Brewing Equipment offer Stationery

Home Beer Brewing Equipment

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50L and 100L home beer equipment For the beginners who has just entered the industry of beer brewing,Website:, a set of beer brewing equipment that is easy ...

Flexo Printing Machine offer Stationery

Flexo Printing Machine

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Usage: This machine is a printing machine with photosensitive resin soft plate as plate,Website:, commonly known as "aniline printing machine". It is suitable for prin...

Sintered Metal Disk offer Stationery

Sintered Metal Disk

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20 years experience of producing  sintered  wire meshFive-layer Sintered mesh is made of different diameter wires and meshes distributed in a certain sequence,Website:, thro...

1-Deck New Gas Furnace offer Stationery

1-Deck New Gas Furnace

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Single Deck New Gas Pizza Oven for Baking   Product Feature: Product advantages: 1.1.0mm thickness full stainless steel 201 outside & inside,Website:,Aluminum coating plated ...

Air Compressor Air Filter Element offer Stationery

Air Compressor Air Filter Element

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Introduction:Application:Air CompressorWorking temperature: -40℃— 100℃Rated flow: 2-60m3/minFilter material: High stability of imported top filter materialsGravimetric efficiency(%)500Pa  98.600Pa 99...