Automatic Cartoning Machine offer Stationery

Automatic Cartoning Machine

USD 11,000Stationery

Automatic Boxing Packing Machine is automatic high speed continuous cartoning machine which is high performance product incorporates pneumatic, photo, electric, mechanic in one. It suitable for automa...

Bottle Cartoning Machine offer Stationery

Bottle Cartoning Machine

USD 20,000Stationery

This machine is suitable for automatic feeding bottle(round, square bottle)or jar into carton. On line bottle unscramble and feeding, leaflets fold(1-4 folds) and feeding, leaflet detecting, carton op...

Blister Cartoning Machine offer Stationery

Blister Cartoning Machine

USD 20,000Stationery

The machine is new product which is improved based on customer’s requirements. It’s suitable for packaging of all kinds of liquid and solid in large & medium pharmaceutical factory, health medicine fa...

Tube Cartoning Machine offer Stationery

Tube Cartoning Machine

USD 23,000Stationery

High Speed Cartoning Machine is new model which innovation design base on bringing in foreign advanced technology, also strictly according to pharmaceutical industry "GMP "standard to manufacture.http...

High Speed Cartoning Machine offer Stationery

High Speed Cartoning Machine

USD 10,000Stationery

It adopts the PLC, closed loop servo(variable frequency) circuit automatic control system.It adopts the human-machine interface aviation operating system, which automatically displays the cartoning sp...

Horizontal Cartoning Machine offer Stationery

Horizontal Cartoning Machine

USD 30,000Stationery

This cartoning machine is a model that our company has innovated and designed on the basis of introducing foreign advanced technology, and strictly manufactures according to the GMP requirements of th...

Washing Powder Cartoning Machine offer Stationery

Washing Powder Cartoning Machine

USD 23,000Stationery

This machine is suitable for putting bottles of similar products into boxes.It can automatically carry out flyers folding, carton opening, packaging, date coding, carton closing.It adopts PLC control ...

Vertical Cartoning Machine offer Stationery

Vertical Cartoning Machine

USD 34,000Stationery

Blister packing for a wide range of products such as vial, ampoule, sryings. Applicable forming materials include PVC, PVDC, PET, cold forming material, Aluminum film.

Sachet Cartoning Machine offer Stationery

Sachet Cartoning Machine

USD 41,000Stationery

The equipment is mainly used for bottle type (round bottle, square bottle, flat bottle, special-shaped bottle, etc.), as well as cosmetics, food, health care products, such as bottled goods, such as a...

Food Cartoning Machine offer Stationery

Food Cartoning Machine

USD 45,000Stationery

this cartoning machine is widely used for different packing including drug, food, commodity and cosmetic. For drug industry such as :cover box for solid torch and capsule, soft box for liquid paste, g...