Auto Cartoning Machine offer Stationery

Auto Cartoning Machine

USD 46,000Stationery

electro controller to make the machine stability and guarantee the packing quality. It includes 1to 4folds leaflet automatic folding, cantons in suction and open, products and leaflet put into, printi...

Semi Automatic Cartoning Machine offer Stationery

Semi Automatic Cartoning Machine

USD 65,000Stationery

This product is suitable for packing all kinds of granular bags, powder bags, blades and other similar items in boxes, multiple bags and multiple boxes in one box.

Perfume Cartoning Machine offer Stationery

Perfume Cartoning Machine

USD 40,000Stationery

Round bottled medicine, food-stuff, cosmetic, etc.

Automatic Bottle Cartoning Machine offer Stationery

Automatic Bottle Cartoning Machine

USD 6,000Stationery

The Cartoning Machine is designed for auto packing products into carton. By connecting to carton opening machine and carton sealing machine, it saves more manpower and increases production efficiency....

Soap Cartoning Machine offer Stationery

Soap Cartoning Machine

USD 15,000Stationery

The high speed automatic packing machine is an integrated high-tech product of light, electricity, gas and machinery. This product is suitable for aluminum plate, medicine bottle, cosmetics, electroni...

Bulb Cartoning Machine offer Stationery

Bulb Cartoning Machine

USD 16,000Stationery

folding gluing machine is multifunction high speed machine,imported electronic components, adopt synchronous belt transmission and electronic continuously variable speeder ,feeding section adopt mecha...

Cartoning Machine Manufacturers offer Stationery

Cartoning Machine Manufacturers

USD 17,000Stationery

The capacity of box packing machine can reach 600 times/min and 300 boxes/min, suitable for mass production.The whole production line adopts advanced technology concept, original link machine (1-5)) b...

Tea Bag Cartoning Machine offer Stationery

Tea Bag Cartoning Machine

USD 18,000Stationery

This equipment is new model developping base on integrated domestic and foreign vanguard technology. It is high technology product incorporates pneumatic-photo-electro-mechanic which improve by a larg...

Aluminum Foil Cartoning Machine offer Stationery

Aluminum Foil Cartoning Machine

USD 19,000Stationery

This cartoning machine is a model that our company has innovated and designed on the basis of introducing foreign advanced technology, and strictly manufactures according to the GMP requirements of th...

Granite Stone CNC Router offer Stationery

Granite Stone CNC Router

USD 5,000Stationery

Granite stone CNC Router has good and comprehensive safety protection measures.Movable parts that are frequently adjusted and maintained.Electrical safety standards, control system can ensure that the...