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Shade Cloth (Shade net, Shade netting) is used to provide shade against sunlight and to control temperature. It can also be used to protect flowers, trees against frost, wind and hail damage. It can also used for temporary fencing, packaging applications, greenhouse covering.


- Reinforced margin edges eliminate yarn displacement

- Knitted in ultramodern plants with high quality CIBA U.V. stabilizers

- Strong, durable lockstitch technology that resist tearing, fraying, stretching, and sagging

- The nets will not unravel or ladder even when punctured

- Light weight for easy handling and positioning


High strength, durable

Any length & width

UV stabilized

Optimum shade factor

Technically designed for higher yield

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Name of Plants


Roses, Strawberries, Gooseberries, Tomatoes, Cucumber


Bedding Plants, Gloxinias, Herbs, Iris, Lilies, Vegetables


Foliage plants, Cut greens, Orchids, Ginger, Pot plants


Orchlds (Oncidiums, Phalaenopsis)


Ferns, Orchids (Cypripediums), Philodendron


Indoor plants, Certain Orchids, Plantation crops, Tea, Coffee, Cardamom


Cattle shed Poultry houses, Construction Scaffolding and vehicular shades

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