What Does Eating Clean Mean?

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Don't buy edible Natural Synergy Cure Review food products. Chips, cookies, ice cream... the list goes on. If you're trying to eat healthily, your cart is probably not filled up with processed foods and treats anyway. But, it's worth a mention! Theses foods add to your food bill but not to your nutrition. Enjoy a treat here and there but be sensible.Don't buy pre-portioned convenience foods. Foods that save you time are going to cost more. Chop your own vegetables and do not purchase single serving size foods.Shop at discount stores. Some grocery stores are more expensive than others. Get to know the shops in your area and choose the ones that are more budget friendly. You will likely miss out on some conveniences such as having your groceries bagged for you, but you will save money.

Stick to your list. Plan your meals around foods that are on sale (check the flyers!), but then stick to your list. You'll save on impulse buys. The one exception is if you see a staple food on sale that you know you will eventually consume before it goes off, then go for it.When foods are in season, buy lots and preserve them for later. Try canning your foods, or simply chop up veggies when they're in season and store in the freezer.

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