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How feeling more pain than pleasure got me to drop fat that never came back. Many of us are overweight and continue to stay overweight. It doesn't matter if you're 5 or 50 or 100lbs overweight. If we're not dropping fat, it could be a factor of not feeling enough pain to move us into pleasure. What are you talking about you might ask. Here's my point. My story goes like this. I was attending the University of California Santa Cruz. Upon moving up there I had gained 30lbs. When I first moved up there, I wasn't athletic or very slim to being with so 30 more lbs was huge for me. Well, after a year feeling miserable about myself with no energy, depressed, and moody I had a face to face moment with myself.

It was a December night in the year 2000 and confronted myself in front of the mirror. I stood there. Stared myself down not feeling good what was about to happen. I lifted up my shirt to reveal what was underneath. Gross, flabby, loose are the best adjectives to describe my belly. For a man, to have a lean muscular shaped waistline is the pinnacle of our manliness. It's the Holy Grail many men have tried to achieve with little success. There are many men who have awesome looking arms and chest and shoulders. Ask them how confident they are about taking off their shirts and feeling great. If they're honest with you (and I stress the word honest) they will tell you that they aren't feeling that confident.


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