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Early man had to walk everywhere to get where he wanted to go. Known
as hunter gathers, early man followed the movement of the animals he
hunted. In order to continue gathering, early man had to follow the
seasons as they changed. So, the Ancients were always moving from here
to there in effort to survive. Walking to travel was the norm for these
ancient peoples. Yes, there may have been a horse or donkey or two to
ride. The Chinese had an ancient saying, "The journey of a thousand
miles starts with but, the first step."

When the wheel was
invented is a mystery. First evidence of the use of the wheel was about
five thousand years ago in Mesopotamia. And, it was used to make
pottery. Figuring out the pottery wheel could be used as a
transportation device took another three hundred years. The wheel is
probably the most significant invention of all throughout history.
Because it is what the modern day wheel is designed from.

almost every mode of travel involves the wheel. Travel could not be
easier, hop in your car and drive to where you want to be. We travel to
exotic lands by jet airplane, take tours in buses, go across town in
taxis. Walking is still important to humans, but, is no longer the norm
for long journeys.

Travel today is a luxury, not a necessity, that
is, we choose to travel, it's not a requirement for survival. There are
wealthy women who will travel to Paris in order to purchase the latest
in french fashions. But, the average lady wanting to travel to some
exotic location to find fashion Women's Clothing,
well she can do that with her fingers. The next most important
invention next to the wheel, the computer with its connection to the
internet can whisk that fashion conscious lady to The lady
doesn't have to be rich, she doesn't need a reservation or a ticket to
travel there. Once there, she will find the best shopping experience
anywhere in the world. The best women's fashion clothes are available,
the off shoulder tops, Off The Shoulder Sweaters,
if it is new in the fashion world, has it. No need to apply for
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discerning lady shopper could purchase several outfits for the cost of a
pair of designer socks in Paris.
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