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Solution Life is an open-source platform that enables
to create peer-to-peer marketplace and e-commerce applications. Solution Life aims
at building a global sharing economy, allowing buyers and sellers to use
segments of goods and services (car sharing, service missions, home sharing,
etc.) to transact on the open, distributed source web.

Using Ethereum blockchain and Interplanetary File System (IPFS),
the platform and its participants can interact with the peer-to-peer model,
allowing the creation and placement of services and goods without going through
traditional middle parties.

Exchange financial value directly (listing, transactions and
service fees) from big corporations like Airbnb, Craigslist, Postmate, ... to
individual buyers and retailers.

• Exchange financial value and strategic value (internal
aggregation of customer and transaction data) from similar corporations to
entire ecosystems

• Create new financial value for market participants who
contribute to platform development (e.g. building new technology for the
Solution Life platform, developing new vertical products and introducing new
users and businesses)

• Build the open, distributed, and shared data layer to
promote transparency and collaboration

• Allow the buyers and sellers in the world to transact
without difficulty in converting currencies or tariffs

• Promote
personal freedom by not allowing a corporation or central government to impose
arbitrary and overly conventional rules of business operation

• The
Solution Life flagship marketplace app is our consumer marketplace product that
allows buyers and sellers on the network to do business. It is available today
on the web at shop Solutionlife.com and on both iOS and Android mobile devices.

• Currently,
there is only 1 decentralized application (Dapp) marketplace of Solution Life.
However, many other types of Dapps under separate segments (e.g., home-sharing
or other services segment) are being actively developed.

• Users can
use the Solution Life application on a mobile device, Ethereum wallet or a
browser that allows using web3 such as Coinbase wallet, imToken, Trust Wallet,

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