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Moving Average Envelopes Conclusions

Moving Average Envelopes are percentage-based envelopes set
above and below a moving average. The moving average, which forms the base for
this indicator, can be a simple or exponential moving average. Each envelope is
then set the same percentage above or below the moving average. This creates
parallel bands that follow price action. With a moving average as the base,
Moving Average Envelopes can be used as a trend following indicator. Beyond
simply trend following, though, the envelopes can also be used to identify
overbought and oversold levels when the trend is relatively flat.

Moving Average
Envelopes Conclusions and forex signals

Moving Average Envelopes are mostly
used as a trend following indicator, but can also be used to identify
overbought and oversold conditions. After a consolidation period, a strong
envelope break can forex signal the start of an extended trend. Once an uptrend is identified,
chartists can turn to momentum indicators and other techniques to identify oversold readers and
pullbacks within that trend. Overbought conditions and bounces can be used as
selling forex trading signals opportunities within a bigger downtrend. In the absence of a
strong trend, the Moving Average Envelopes can be used like the Percent Price
Oscillator. Moves above the upper envelope signal overbought readings, while
moves below the lower envelope signal oversold readings. It is also important
to incorporate other aspects of technical analysis to confirm overbought and
oversold reading. Resistance and bearish reversals patterns can be used to
corroborate overbought readings. Support and bullish reversal patterns can be
used to affirm oversold conditions and buy forex trading signals .

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