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Swimming was probably the first recorded sport, which is depicted in
Neolithic Rock art. This evidence was found in Libya and dates back to
around 6,000 BC. Foot Racing was the first recorded Olympic Games in 766
BC and occurred every four years. A sports tradition that continues
today. Tombs in Egypt had wall paintings depicting "wrestling" and date
back to 1850 BC. Some of the wrestling holds depicted are still in use
in modern day wrestling. It appears that most of the different sports
that are played today got their beginnings in the Ancient World BC.

is truly the All American Pastime, believed to have been concocted from
rounders and cricket. The sport was professionalized in 1871, with
teams located in most large cities of the Eastern U.S. The first
professional baseball team was the "Cincinnati Red Stockings," and was
later moved to Boston, and became "Boston Red Stockings." In 1876, with
baseball struggling, the National League was formed. In 1900 the
American League came into existence. By 1903 the first "World Series"
was played, as a result of a National Agreement. Boston defeated
Pittsburgh in that baseball first.

Swimming got a boost in 1922
when an Olympic swimmer from the U. S., Johnny weissmuller, won five
Olympic medals and set the 100 meter record at 51 seconds. He also wooed
his fans with his swimming prowess, when Hollywood stared him in the
Tarzan series of movies.

Today municipalities all across the U. S.
open public pools for their citizens to enjoy. Open during the summer
months, millions of people flock to these public pools to beat the
summer heat. Ocean beaches are awash with the beach goer, wanting to get
some sun and play in the big pond. Lakes and rivers accommodate
millions of Americans as well. Water parks are another place where
splashing can be enjoyed. These water splashers want to look their best
in the latest swim fashions. Especially the ladies.

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