Structural Design Engineering

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Design Engineering

It gives an immense happiness to announce the
career oriented Industrial training on Structural Design Engineering. The job
opportunities for Structural Design Engineers are increasing considerably due
to the increase in growth of Oil & Gas Industries, Power Plant & other
Process Industries apart from Civil & infrastructure projects.

With a greater vision of providing Industrial
exposure, we are offering different career oriented training programs, so that
they can establish themselves in Plant Industries as Structural Design
Engineer, Civil Structural Detail Engineers, Structural Draftsman, Structural
Designer etc.

Training Programmes offered for Structural/
Industrial Production Engineers

MGT-151: P.G.D in Structural Detailing & Drafting
(AutoCAD & 3D Modeling)

Duration: Regular: 100 Hrs, Weekend: 100 Hrs, Distance: 60 Hrs, Online: 60
Hrs, Fast Track: 60 Hrs

MGT-152: P.G.D in Structural
Design Analysis

Duration: Regular: 80 Hrs, Weekend: 80 Hrs, Distance: 45 Hrs, Online: 45
Hrs, Fast Track: 45 Hrs

MGT-153: P.G.D in Structural
Detailing & Design Analysis

Duration: Regular: 120 Hrs, Weekend: 120 Hrs, Distance: 60 Hrs, Online: 60
Hrs, Fast Track: 60 Hrs

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Opportunity to work on Magnus Live

A Candidate will be eligible, if he
scores more than 75% in Magnus Final Examination

Training Programme Contents:


  • Introduction – Plant Industries

  • Structural Products And Shapes

  • Member Sectional Properties And Codes
    & Standards

  • Welding Standards

  • Bolting Standards

  • Detailing Glossary

  • Detailing Process Flow Chart

  • Auto Cad Detailing and Cad- Standards

  • Introductions On Typical Connections

  • Bolted Connections

  • Welded Connection

  • Member Detailing – Column, Beam,
    Bracings, tie Members, purlin Etc.,

  • Preparation Of Shop Drawings With An

  • Anchor Bolt Plan, Erection Plan &
    Embedded Plan

  • Column Assembly Drawing

  • Beam Assembly Drawings

  • Bracing Assembly Drawing Etc.,

  • Preparation Of Bill Of Materials

  • Detailing Of Miscellaneous Items

  • Stair Case Detailing

  • Handrail Detailing

  • Chequred Plate Detailing & Ladder


  • Introduction on Structural Modeling

  • 3D Modeling

  • Preparation of Shop Drawings

  • Detailing/Editing

Checking Procedures And Check

  • Check List For Anchor Bolt Plan

  • Check List For Erection Plan

  • Check List For Column Assembly Drawing

  • heck List For Beam Assembly Drawing

Introduction to Structural Analysis

  • Review of basic concepts, Equilibrium

  • Constitutive Relations/Force-displacement

  • Compatibility Conditions

Analysis of Statically
Determinate Structures

  • SF, BM diagrams, Determination of forces
    in trusses, frames, arches and cables

Computation of Displacements

  • Moment area method, Conjugate beam method

  • Virtual work methods

Introduction to statically
Indeterminate Structures

  • Concept of static and kinematic

  • Determination of static and kinematic

Influence Lines

  • Equilibrium methods & Muller Breslau

Force Method - Introduction
and Applications

  • Axially loaded members, Plane truss,
    Beams, Frames

Steps for structural

  • Structural Idealization - Applying Loads
    - Calculating Reactions - Calculating Internal Forces - Calculating

  • Internal Stresses - Evaluating Safety and
    Efficiency Safety

Teaching Faculties:

Training programmes are monitored
& led by Magnus Engineering Team. Further industrial exports will be
sharing the real time challenges and emphasis given on systematic approach with strong engineering backup.

Advantages of joining

: The training programmes
offered my MGTE is mainly focused on different International Codes &
Standards. This will help our candidates
to get career opportunities across the Globe.
Further our recommendations letter after completion of industrial
training will increase the credibility of candidates.

Industrial Project Exposure:
Magnus Engineering Team will be providing Industrial projects to candidates for
those who scores more than 7.5 GPA in Final exams of MGTE Training.
Further candidates will be issued a recommendation letter from Magnus Group.

Internships Opportunities:
Magnus Group has established good relationship with various ndustries and
candidates will have chance to get
Internships either in our Tied-up companies or in Magnus Engineering Division.

D) Job
opportunities through
Magnus Certified Candidates
will have first right for all the information related to New Job
Openings. Further our candidates profile will be highlighted to Employers
of MCJ.

E) Industrial
We believe in proper industrial visits are essential for our
candidates, as this will give better idea and candidates can be a better
designers. All the candidates are eligible for industrial visits
along with certificate.

For further information, please feel
free to contact us on Ph. No: +91-9900195059

or write to us on

With best regards,

Mahendra Babu B.K.

Head of Technical Education

Magnus Global Tech Education

Educational Wing of Magnus Global Tech

Address: #874, ‘Raineo House’, 1st Floor,
Modi Hospital Road, West of Chord Road, Basaveshwarnagar, Bangalore-560 079
Karnataka, India

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