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Architecture Thermal Insulation offer Sales

Architecture Thermal Insulation

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Low-energy buildings become a common understanding. It requires thermal insulation materials to insulate the whole building from outside. The main purpose is to provide a comfortable indoor climate. I...

Automobile Acoustics offer Sales

Automobile Acoustics

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One of the automotive manufacturers’ leading concerns is the acoustics inside a vehicle, especially luxury cars. As a key source of discomfort, the noise level inside a vehicle, to a great extent, rep...

Machine Foam Pad offer Sales

Machine Foam Pad

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When it comes to the most powerful cleaning foam for floor scrubbing machine, melamine foam pads is the right choice. Simply soaking in water, melamine round pads give you magic cleaning effect than t...

Melamine Foam Sponge offer Sales

Melamine Foam Sponge

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With melamine foam sponge, there will be a revolution in the cleaning tools industry. Melamine sponges change people's cleaning habits. Magic eraser sponge pose no health risks and do not involve any ...

Public Venues Acoustics offer Sales

Public Venues Acoustics

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In public venues, soundproof foam board materials are applied to improve acoustic performance, for example, churches, stadiums, libraries, meeting rooms and etc. Basotect acoustic foam is applied to i...

crusher-Guangzhou Meton Metal Products Co., Ltd offer Sales

crusher-Guangzhou Meton Metal Products Co., Ltd

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Guangzhou Meton has 20 years’ professional service for quarries, providing high quality mining machinery and spare parts for stone crushing line, such as stone crsuher, hydraulic cone crusher, single ...