24AWG CAT3 Phone Cable offer Telecom

24AWG CAT3 Phone Cable

CNY 20Telecom

Telephone/Category 3 (Cat 3) is eight 24 gauge (24AWG) wires twisted in four pairs and is commonly used in telephony applications, it's similar to Cat 5e & Cat 6 but has fewer twists in it and no spin...

Tri-shield RG6 CATV Cable offer Telecom

Tri-shield RG6 CATV Cable

CNY 35Telecom

RG6, Tri-Shield, CATV manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Factory RG6 CATV Coaxial Cable Tri-Shield PVC Black 305m/Drum....

Multi-core Shielded Fire Alarm Cable offer Telecom

Multi-core Shielded Fire Alarm Cable

CNY 30Telecom

Multi-core shielded Fire Alarm Cable. The cable's use is for power limited fire circuits, but it can also be used in some wiring of security systems....

CAT3 Telephone Cable offer Telecom

CAT3 Telephone Cable

CNY 16Telecom

Huier Cable’s Category 3 Plenum Cable is installed in a building’s return air plenums for both convenience and aesthetics. Category 3 Riser Cable is ideal for installation in vertical riser and genera...

RG6 Coaxial Cable offer Telecom

RG6 Coaxial Cable

CNY 30Telecom

The advantage of coaxial cables over other types of cables is that in an ideal coaxial cable, the signal exists only in the space between the inner and outer conductors. This allows coaxial cables to ...

Solid Fire Alarm Cable offer Telecom

Solid Fire Alarm Cable

CNY 25Telecom

Solid Fire Alarm Cable / Multi-core Solid Fire Alarm Cable, multiple cores, Solid Bare Copper Conductor, 2 to 16 cores, PVC / FR-PVC/LSOH Jacket....

S400 Coaxial Cable offer Telecom

S400 Coaxial Cable

CNY 50Telecom

50ohms coaxial cable apply to TV, viedo, media, Strand BC 90% Braiding Rg213 Coaxial Cable...

Dual UTP CAT6 Lan Cable offer Telecom

Dual UTP CAT6 Lan Cable

CNY 50Telecom

This Cable meets cat6 requirement of both TIA /EIA-568-B.2 and IEC 61156-5 and IEC/ISO 11801. The cable contains 2 double foiled groups of 4 twisted pair laid in parallel and jacketed as Fig-8 (Siames...

Multi-core Shielded Security Cable offer Telecom

Multi-core Shielded Security Cable

CNY 20Telecom

Multi-core shielded Security Cable / Alarm Cable / Control Cable with Stranded or Solid Conductors....

RG174 Coaxial Cable offer Telecom

RG174 Coaxial Cable

CNY 25Telecom

PVC Insulated 50 Ohm CATV and CCTV Coaxial Cable Rg174 which applied to Local Communication Cable, Coaxial Cable, Long Distance Symmetric Cable, RF Cable, Submarine Cable 7*0.16 TC (Tinned copper)/SP...