Artificial Palm Fronds offer Telecom

Artificial Palm Fronds

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High Wave Transmitting Efficiency Artificial Palm Tree Fronds Specification:Anti UV, anti-aging, antiflaming, warranty is more than 6 year without fadingInnovation:With years of experience in wireless...

Solar Light Pole offer Telecom

Solar Light Pole

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The Top of Pole (TP) Series is an industry-leading solar powered light. This product is available with a wide variety of fixtures, features an adjustable mounting bracket and includes numerous options...

Building Rooftop BTS offer Telecom

Building Rooftop BTS

CNY 10Telecom

Features1.Rooftop pole and corrugated roof shelter.2.Single steel pole, with the top and bottom in the same size, connected to the floor in the flange mode, functioning as the entire tower.3.1 layer o...

Chimney Type Antenna Radome offer Telecom

Chimney Type Antenna Radome

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Chimney Type Antenna Radome Specification:Electrical specification:Frequency range: 824-960/1710-2500 MHzVSWR: ≤1.5 Imput impedance: 50ΩGain: 8-10 dBiPolarization: vertical or horizontal Horizontal be...

High Intensity offer Telecom

High Intensity

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High intensity aviation obstruction light   FEATURE Built with multi-arrays LED source. Extremely long life up to 100,000 hours Double control circuits boards Lamp base...

Four Legged Hot dipped Galvanized Steel Self supporting Tower offer Telecom

Four Legged Hot dipped Galvanized Steel Self supporting Tower

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We can provide you with a complete set of service from technical design ,fabrication to shipment:1.  Products Communication tower (including Three legged angle steel tower, four legged angle steel tow...

Lamppost Tower Shelter offer Telecom

Lamppost Tower Shelter

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Features1.Lamppost tower and decorating shelter2.Single pole tower, in a taper shape , consisting of 2-3 sections connected in the invagination or flange mode an illuminating lamp set at the top, so t...

Light Lifting Tower BTS offer Telecom

Light Lifting Tower BTS

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Features1.light trussed tower and 20 foot container shelter2.Three pole trussed lifting tower, consisting of 3-4 sections, using the listing system of wire rope pulley and elevating uni.3.2-3 layers o...

Steel Lattice Transmission Tower offer Telecom

Steel Lattice Transmission Tower

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Steel lattice transmission towerDesign and detailling:The capacity of latticed tower members and connections can be described by relatively simple formulae.Modeling and design is relatively easy.Defle...

Steel Pole Tower offer Telecom

Steel Pole Tower

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QDQT can design, detail and manufacture a wide range of steel tubular towers to meet every client’s preference all over all over the world. Steel tubular structures products: Guyed-Y tubular towers:  ...