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Alumina Polishing Powder offer Festivals

Alumina Polishing Powder

CNY 2Festivals

Bairui produce alumina polishing powder, using a unique production process, the use of advanced production equipment at home and abroad, through rigorous production processes made. The alumina polish...

Activated alumina desiccant offer Festivals

Activated alumina desiccant

CNY 1Festivals

XR101 Activated alumina desiccant has high adsorption. It works as a desiccant through adsorption, so as air passes through the Activated Alumina beads, the water in the air sticks to it and becomes t...

Activated Alumina for Catalyst Carrier offer Festivals

Activated Alumina for Catalyst Carrier

CNY 2Festivals

The appearance of Activated alumina for catalyst carrier: It is white or reddish-brown sand particles, the product is non-toxic, odorless, insoluble in water and organic solvents, soluble in strong...

Gamma alumina extrude offer Festivals

Gamma alumina extrude

CNY 5Festivals

Gamma alumina extrude 1. Performance: The main component is alumina. The others are one or more modified additives, low impurity contents such as irons, sodium and excellent physical-chemical prope...

Pseudoboehmite Alumina offer Festivals

Pseudoboehmite Alumina

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Zibo Xiangrun and Shandong Bairui produce high quality and all typies of pseudoboehmite(PSB). Pseudoboehmite( called pseudo boehmite) adopts flash dry. It is highly welcomed in the world.Its su...

Stainless Steel Polished Alumina Powder offer Festivals

Stainless Steel Polished Alumina Powder

CNY 2Festivals

Product Details With good cutting force, fast light output, narrow particle size distribution range, and mirror surface light, Stainless steel polished alumina powder can replace the Japanese AM-21 ...

Nano Aluminum Oxide Powder offer Festivals

Nano Aluminum Oxide Powder

CNY 2Festivals

Nano alumina powder aluminum oxide powder nanoparticle Al2O3 powder: The application of nano alumimium oxide powder 1. catalysts and catalyst carriers 2. polishing powder 3. abrasive 4. thin-film mate...

Activated Alumina Desiccant for Air Separation offer Festivals

Activated Alumina Desiccant for Air Separation

CNY 1Festivals

XR Activated alumina desiccant for air separation is mainly used for molecular purifier adsorption method to adosrb moisture, carbon dioxide, acetylene and other hydrocarbons, and compressed air heat ...

0.5-1mm Impregnated Alumina Media offer Festivals

0.5-1mm Impregnated Alumina Media

CNY 2Festivals

Product Details 0.5-1mm impregnated alumina media is also potassium permanganate impregnated activated alumina media. Its size is 0.5-1mm. 0.5-1mm impregnated alumina media is the same properties wi...

Sulfur Recovery Catalyst offer Festivals

Sulfur Recovery Catalyst

CNY 2Festivals

Zibo Xiangrun offers sulfur recovery catalyst for sulfur recovery from the sour components of natural gas and plant gas: The Claus process is the most significant gas desulfurizing process that recov...