4N Alumina offer Festivals

4N Alumina

CNY 10Festivals

4N Alumina,High Purity Alumina Powder...

High Purity Aluminum Oxide offer Festivals

High Purity Aluminum Oxide

CNY 10Festivals

High Purity Aluminum Oxide,Website:http://www.honghechemical.com,High Purity Alumina Powder...

High Purity Activated Alumina offer Festivals

High Purity Activated Alumina

CNY 10Festivals

High Purity Activated Alumina,Website:http://www.honghechemical.com,High Purity Alumina Powder...

Pure Fine Alumina offer Festivals

Pure Fine Alumina

CNY 10Festivals

Pure Fine Alumina,Website:http://www.honghechemical.com,High Purity Alumina Powder...

High Purity Alumina offer Festivals

High Purity Alumina

CNY 10Festivals

High Purity Alumina,Website:http://www.honghechemical.com,High Purity Alumina Powder...

Mono-(6-(Diethylenetriamine)-6-Deoxy)-Β-Cyclodextrin offer Festivals


CNY 121Festivals

Product Name : Mono-(6-(diethylenetriamine)-6-deoxy)-β-Cyclodextrin CAS No.:65294-32-8 Molecular weight: 1220.14 Purity:98% Package: 1g/bag, 2g/bag ,5g/bag ,10g/bag or customized Storag...

Medicinal Color Coating System offer Festivals

Medicinal Color Coating System

CNY 25Festivals

Medicinal Color Coating system Name and composition Name:Color coating agent Composition: Polymer(film material),plasticizer and colourant Characteristics 1. The suspended mixture is homoge...

Moisture Barrier Coating Polymer offer Festivals

Moisture Barrier Coating Polymer

CNY 30Festivals

Moisture Barrier Coating Polymer. Applications: · Moisture barrier coating of tablet · Ready To use premixed dry powder for seal coating of tablets using organic solvent system · Solid mixtur...



CNY 30Festivals

Film Coating Applications ILE offers a wide range of film coating products, all of which can be formulated specifically for your application and regulatory requirements. Whether the desired functio...

EASPRAY® Regular Film Coatings offer Festivals

EASPRAY® Regular Film Coatings

CNY 28Festivals

The Formula The use of optimally proportional HPMC and other polymers as them ain film forming materials ensures that EASPRAY® Regular Film Coatings have good solubility and mechanical properties. ...