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Life Reading Report offer Astrology - Numerology

Life Reading Report

INR 7,500Astrology - Numerology

This is an in-depth analysis of your kundali, with detailed life reading the report of your personal, professional, financial, health, hobbies and all other aspects that make your life. It will hel...

Gemstone Recommendation offer Astrology - Numerology

Gemstone Recommendation

INR 1,155Astrology - Numerology

The power of precious and semi precious stones are helpful to empower your planets. Every chart indicates a powerful planet, depending on the strength, position and degree of planet in the natal an...

Health Report offer Astrology - Numerology

Health Report

INR 2,250Astrology - Numerology

Just as food is important for us, so is health! Despite all our intentions of progressing in profession, having a good family life or even studying for securing good marks, if our health faults, al...

Annual Birthday Report offer Astrology - Numerology

Annual Birthday Report

INR 1,499Astrology - Numerology

Your Birthday is an important day for you, not just because of the wishes and greetings alone. This is the day Sun is yet again on the natal position and the rest of the planets orient in varied fo...

Tarot card reading  offer Astrology - Numerology

Tarot card reading

INR 50,000Astrology - Numerology

Gittanjali Saxena is one of the best tarot reader in Mumbai. Post your enquiry here:- Mail id: Avail our few services like Angel Therapy, Hypnotherapy services, Theta heal...