Know the Eight Steps of Aluminum Extrusion Process

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Aluminum is a useful metal and you can use it for various purposes. Aluminum extrusion is a method to change the alloy of aluminum into different objects. One can use the finished products to satisfy their regular needs.

Aluminum extrusion brings all the physical characteristics of aluminum. The softness of aluminum allows in the cast and you can easily machine the product. You will get 1/3rd stiffness and density of steel and it will result in stability and strength of the finished products. Aluminum Extrusions Manufacturer India deals with the automotive industry, but you also find the extrusion products in aerospace high-tech components.

Process of Aluminum Extrusion:

  • After creating and designing the die shape, one needs to heat cylindrical aluminum alloy billet at 800°F-925°F.
  • Then, transfer the billet to a loader where you need to add the lubricant. It does not allow to stick to the ram handle and extrusion machine.
  • A ram creates extensive pressure on the dummy block. It pushes the billet of aluminum into the container.
  • Nitrogen either in gas or liquid form avoids the oxide formation. It allows flowing through the die section. Aluminum Extrusions Manufacturer India offers innovation and diversification in this process.
  • The part of extrusion pulls to the table where fans need to cool the newly created object.
  • After cooling, the aluminum is transfer to the stretcher for work hardening and straightening.
  • The solid extrusion needs to cut in the desired length on the saw table.
  • Finally, the extrusion needs to heat in age ovens and it will harden the final product and speed up the aging process.
  • How to choose the best manufacturer of aluminum extrusion?

    Aluminum Extrusions Manufacturer India understands the importance of aluminum extrusion. The workers and experts are well aware of the process and they bring out the best final products. One can use these products in a particular industry without any problems.

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