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Over the past some years, the solar energy and the LED lighting technology have being used together to illuminate the outdoor places and have so far proved to be more beneficial than the traditional lightings. One such type of combination is a 60W Solar LED Street Light set that uses Sun’ energy to transform it into light energy that can be used during the nights to illuminate the place.

Other benefits of using this 60W Solar LED Street Light are as follows:

  • This set has a 60W lamp that work together with an 110W solar panel thus transforming solar energy into light energy to make great savings in energy.
  • You don’t rely on electricity to charge this solar-powered street light that can work without the requirement of electrical power supply.
  • Comes with a wider beam angle of greater than 140 degree that is perfect to cover larger and wider areas, also the uniform light distribution by this Commercial Solar Street Lights set helps to cover bigger places.
  • This way of lighting is very useful for the remote places where there is no electricity.
  • You can use them for at least 50,000 hours or even more and the solar panel usually working for 15-20 years.
  • These solar-powered street lights with in-built LED lights come with higher CRI that make the place or object look the way they look under sunlight.

So all those who are looking to buy solar street lights, there are plenty of options available at LEDMyplace and 60W solar LED Street Light is one among them that is considered as an ideal solar street light used to illuminate streets, roads among many other places.

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