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XPE Foam Tubes offer Plumbers - Electricians

XPE Foam Tubes

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XPE foam is also called cross linked polyethylene(PE) foam. 'X’ refers to cross linked. XPE foam tubes are thermal-drawn and of high class thermal insulation to cold or hot pipelines. It can resist te...

XPE Foam Sheets offer Plumbers - Electricians

XPE Foam Sheets

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There are two ways of producing cross linked polyethylene foam,Website:, chemically cross linking and irradiated cross linking. XPE foam sheets are produced by the first metho...

XPE Foam Rolls offer Plumbers - Electricians

XPE Foam Rolls

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XPE foam,Website:, chemically cross-linked polyethylene foam, a new type of lightweight and environmental-friendly material. Made by high temperature foaming after extrusion. ...

Non-toxic XPE Foam Material offer Plumbers - Electricians

Non-toxic XPE Foam Material

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XPE foam material,Website:, chemical cross linked polyethylene foam. It is a new type of foam material, covering all areas of industries such as packaging, sports&leisure, toy...

Acoustic XPE Foam offer Plumbers - Electricians

Acoustic XPE Foam

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XPE foam is a type of closed-cell polyethylene foam that has been chemically cross linked. Compared to ordinary polyethylene foam,Website:, it has smooth surface and superior ...

PVC Suction Hose offer Plumbers - Electricians

PVC Suction Hose

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PVC suction hose is an ideal flexible hose for conveying water, oil and powder, abrasive mineral sands, gravel, cement, chips, shavings, construction, agricultural, and industrial service applications...

PVC Clear Hose offer Plumbers - Electricians

PVC Clear Hose

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PVC Clear hose is used for conveying normal fluid, gas, under normal working condition. It is also used as protective cover and package for handle, artware and toys. PVC clear hose tubing is ext...

PVC Air Compressor Hose offer Plumbers - Electricians

PVC Air Compressor Hose

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PVC air hose is widely used in pneumatic tools, pneumatic washing apparatus, engine components, machine service and civil engineering equipments. It is also can be used in general liquid and gas in h...

PVC Air Hose offer Plumbers - Electricians

PVC Air Hose

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PVC high pressure air hose is mainly for conveying of air, inert gas and water in industry, mining, construction, engineering, shipbuilding, steel production etc. Specially formulated tough PVC, rein...

Non Torsion PVC Garden Hose offer Plumbers - Electricians

Non Torsion PVC Garden Hose

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PVC Non Torsion Garden Hose is widely used in Conveying water, oil , light chemical, in family, garden, park, factories, agriculture, engineering, sanitation lines, etc. 1) Compared the traditional ...