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customize rubber roller offer Plumbers - Electricians

customize rubber roller

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The rubber roller is a roller-shaped product made of metal or other material as a core and the outer rubber is vulcanized. we can customize the various rubber roller accoridng to your drawings ,ple...

Anilox roller offer Plumbers - Electricians

Anilox roller

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The full name of anilox roller is anilox ink roller, it is a flexible version of the ink transfer part is very fine, but also very important parts,According to the anilox roller surface coating can be...

Rubber grooved roller offer Plumbers - Electricians

Rubber grooved roller

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Rubber grooved roller Pure EPDM rubber coating shor hardness 60 to 65 For such type of applications, rubber grooved spreader rollers are ideal. They are basically rubber roller having unique groove ...

Computerized flat knitting machine roller offer Plumbers - Electricians

Computerized flat knitting machine roller

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High roller cover for flat knitting machine;White transparent, durable and elastic.Specifications;It's 45 centimeters long.Suitable for a variety of specifications computer flat machine widely used.We...

silicone rubber roller offer Plumbers - Electricians

silicone rubber roller

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Silicone rubber roller has high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance, ozone resistance, chemical inertness and non-adhesion to plastics, and is used for processing hot-adhesive products s...

Nature rubber roller offer Plumbers - Electricians

Nature rubber roller

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Natural rubber roller: This kind of rubber roller has excellent elasticity and mechanical strength, and is good in alkali resistance. It is often used in pressing rubber rollers in papermaking leather...

nylon roller offer Plumbers - Electricians

nylon roller

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Nylon roller is used for calendering, embossing and other processing of various textile fabrics, synthetic fabrics, special coated fabrics, special papers, double-layer or multi-laminate film, artific...

stainless steel roller offer Plumbers - Electricians

stainless steel roller

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Stainless steel rolls are made of stainless steel or carbon steel and are machined from professional equipment. Application: Printing, dyeing, textile, environmental protection, leather, plastic, pack...

neoprene rubber roller offer Plumbers - Electricians

neoprene rubber roller

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Neoprene roller has excellent wear resistance, high fire resistance, oil resistance, aging resistance, good heat resistance, and acid and alkali resistance. It can be made into printing rubber roller,...

EPDM rubber roller offer Plumbers - Electricians

EPDM rubber roller

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EPDM rubber roller has excellent ozone aging resistance and weather resistance. It can work for a long time under the ambient temperature of -65°C-140°C, and has excellent insulation performance. The ...