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Behind The Ear Hearing Aids
Behind The Ear Hearing Aids

BTE Hearing Aid With Volume Adjusted And Clear Sound 130dB For Seniors Hearing Loss

About the product
This new well made sound amplifier BTE hearing aid G-20 provide maximum sound output upto 135dB and with the noise reduction technology and good quality clear sound.This BTE hearing aid comes with 3 different sizes silicone earplugs to fits most of people for mild to severe hearnig loss behind on right ear and left ear by Easy and comfortable to wear.

Quick view:
High power Hearing Amplifier

Volume wheel controller

Power on/off switcher

Small size earphone

Wearing behind on both left and right ear

For All men and women moderate severe hearing loss
Sound output: 129dB±5dB
Full on Acoustic Gain: ≤50dB
Distortion rate : ≤ 2.5% at 800Hz;
≤1.5% at 1600Hz
Sound Frequency Range: 400Hz-4500 Hz
Equivalent Input Noise (dB): 28dB
Battery Type: A675/AG13 button cell battery
Materials: ABS and Silicone
Color: beige
Warranty: 1 year

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